Protecting Your Concrete Investment

Concrete is among the most durable of materials that are available, but it is not impervious to damage and stains. Concrete flooring is the ideal choice for many applications, both for homeowners and business owners.

Business Owners

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping
  • Commercial Spaces


  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Sunrooms
  • Patios
  • Athletic courts (basketball, tennis, etc.)

Trust RPM to Install Your Epoxy Floor

Having RPM apply a professional epoxy finish is a great way to protect your concrete surfaces, especially flooring. The many benefits of protecting your concrete flooring with an epoxy finish include...


Applying an epoxy finish to your existing concrete floor is among the most affordable solutions on a per-square-foot basis because they are applied over an existing concrete surface – there is no need to install a new floor first.


A properly-applied epoxy finish will protect your concrete flooring from moisture, oil, grease, and even harsh chemicals, as well as helping to prevent chipping and cracking of the concrete from dropped tools, the weight, wear and tear from cars or equipment on rollers for up to 20 years.

Anti-Static and Non-Flammable

Not only do epoxy floors reduce the risk of fire but also prevent any static build-up which could damage delicate electronic equipment.

A Wide Range of Colors and Textures are Available

Epoxy coatings are pre-tinted in a wide range of colors, and some have different colored flakes that are scattered over one layer of finish to provide a patterned look.

What Are Epoxy Floors?

Epoxy is a product used to apply the finish to your concrete flooring. Epoxy flooring finish must be mixed on-site before applying. Epoxy is a mixture of resin and hardener. The resin is the material that provides the protective coating but it is a viscous liquid, so it must be solidified, or cured, with specific chemical hardeners. The hardener functions exactly as it sounds – it causes the resin to harden and adhere to your concrete flooring as a durable, protective surface.

Three Types of Epoxy Floor Finishes


Solid epoxy finishes contain no solvents which will evaporate, solid epoxy is typically used by professionals because they cure rapidly.


Containing 40 to 60 percent solids, this finish contains potentially hazardous solvents which require the use of a respirator during application and proper ventilation to avoid endangering people or pets.


Like solvent-base, these also contain 40 to 60 percent solids but, since no solvents are used, there are no hazardous fumes.

At RPM, we only use epoxy materials with low- or no-volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)

Why call RPM?

Epoxy floor finishes must be applied properly or they will not adhere well and breakdown with use long before the end of their useful life. It also requires an experienced touch to create a smooth, seamless surface that looks great. At RPM, we have both the equipment and expertise required to achieve a smooth, protective finish.

Among the challenges of properly applying an epoxy floor finish is the fact that the epoxy itself is very sensitive to temperature. Curing temperature is one variable; the warmer it is outside when applying the finish, the faster the epoxy will cure and the sooner you can use your flooring. However, the temperature of the mixed epoxy coating material, along with the temperature of the concrete surface being covered, must also be taken into consideration.

Preparing your concrete surface to take the epoxy coating is also critical to achieve proper adherence – and can be tedious if you don’t know what you’re doing. RPM takes the time to properly prepare the surface by:

  • Making sure the concrete is absolutely clean and free from dust, debris, and grease
  • Filling cracks and chips then making sure these are smoothed out
  • Etching the concrete with muriatic acid to create a surface that will allow full adhesion with the epoxy coating

At each step of the prep work, the surface must be given the time needed to be ready for the next step. For example, if the concrete is still damp after cleaning and the epoxy finish is applied, that moisture will be trapped beneath the finish and cause the finish to fail sooner than it should.

Call RPM to Get a Great-Looking Epoxy Floor – and So Much more!

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