3 Reasons Why You Need New Window Treatments

Kitchen window featuring white window blinds.

Do you need new blinds? With all the time you spend looking out your windows, it’s easy to forget to check up on your window treatments. Find out three key signs that you need new window treatments, as well as some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy when you replace your blinds.

1. Bent, Broken or Frayed

Your window treatments break down over time. High quality blinds and curtains, such as those from Hunter Douglas and Graber should last you for years to come. However, after eight or more years you may see signs of aging. Damaged blinds are less effective at blocking UV rays, keeping out light and offering privacy for your home.

Pets and children can cause your blinds to breakdown far more quickly. Consider updating your blinds if your cat has scratched them, your child has drawn on them or someone has pulled the cord too hard and caused it to fray.

If your pull-cords have become more difficult to pull, there’s a chance that there’s a snag. A small snag or fray in the line could make it difficult to pull and break without warning. This cold cause your blinds to fall suddenly, which could be a hazard if you have particularly heavy blinds.

2. Updated Look

If you’ve recently installed new windows or renovated the interior or exterior of your home, it may be time for new window treatments. There’s nothing worse than a brand new window with a faded, yellowed blind making it appear shabby and outdated.

Shop for a set of blinds that matches your window and lifestyle more effectively. Whether you choose fabric shades or a top-down style, a new window treatment can help add the finishing touch to your home makeover.

You may be surprised at the sheer variety of window treatments available to you. Whether you want to shop by color, material, size or usage, there’s a specialized window covering that can fit your needs. Consider searching for window treatments that are designed to be kid-friendly or pet-friendly to avoid any hazards caused by handing cords.

3. Rising Energy Bills

Sticker shock from your latest energy bill? New window treatments can help increase the energy efficiency of your home. Cracked, frayed or missing coverings can cause your home to heat up in the summer and cool off in the winter.

Beyond insulating your home from temperature differences, some window coverings also block greater amounts of light. Blackout curtains keep your room dark all day long. It’s the perfect way to take a well-deserved nap or sleep in over the weekend.

Upgrade Your Window Treatments Today

Once you’re ready to upgrade to new window treatments in Madison, WI, contact RPM. You’ll receive a free estimate to get you started with an restored look, reduced energy bill and updated style for your home. At RPM, our professional team can help you add the perfect finishing touch to your home. From design decisions to installation, we make it simple to enjoy new window treatments.

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